We, the women and men of Darick International and Tile Magic , are guided by the following VALUES. They describe OUR Company as we want it to be. We want our decisions and actions to demonstrate these VALUES. We believe that putting our VALUES into practise creates long term benefits for shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities we serve.

We take responsibility for QUALITY.

Our products and services will be the “best in class” in terms of value received for Rands paid. We will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change. Each of us is responsible for the quality of whatever we do.

We deliver CUSTOMER satisfaction…..

We are dedicated to:

  • satisfying our customers
  • respecting our customers
  • listening to their requests
  • understanding their expectations

We strive to exceed their expectations in:

  • affordability
  • quality
  • on time deliveries

We provide LEADERSHIP as a Company.

Darick International & Tile Magic’s leadership is founded on talented employees effectively applying advanced technology, innovative manufacturing and sound business management. We add more value at lower cost with faster response. We each lead through our competence, creativity and teamwork.

We act with INTEGRITY in all we do.

We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work. We fulfil our commitments as responsible citizens and employees. We will consistently treat customers and Company resources with the respect they deserve.

We value Darick International & Tile Magic’s PEOPLE.

We treat one another with respect and take pride in the significant contributions that comes from the diversity of individuals and ideas. Our continued success requires us to provide the education and development needed to help our people grow. We are committed to openness and trust in all relationships.

We regard our SUPPLIERS as essential team members.

We owe our suppliers the same type of respect that we show to our customers. Our suppliers deserve fair and equitable treatment, clear agreements and honest feedback on performance. We consider our suppliers’ needs in conducting all aspects of our business.

--- Innovation for a Greener Future ---

Our VISION is to be the most trusted provider of cementitious based products in South Africa. As a leader in our industry, we will define the future of Tile Adhesive & Products throughout the whole of Southern Africa!

We will:

  • conduct ourselves with integrity and live our Company Values
  • deliver superior products
  • foster an internal environment of innovation, collaboration and trust

In doing so, Darick International & Tile Magic will become our customers’ partner of choice, our industry’s employer of choice, and our shareholders’ investment of choice.


One –

Live the Company Values: we all have the company Values listed – Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Integrity, People, Suppliers. Integrity must characterise everything we do. We want everyone who comes into contact with us to know that we do things the right way at Darick International & Darick Manufacturing. We don’t take short cuts!

Two –

Focus on operating excellence: we are very well positioned strategically. We must focus on performance to deliver on the full operating and financial potential of our Company.

Three -

Act with Speed: we must avoid delays. We must be agile enough to act faster than our opposition. This “small Company” behavior has characterized Darick International & Tile Magic all along and is one we must continue.

Four –

Communicate openly: we want good news to travel fast and bad news to travel even faster up the line. We need to be mindful of the importance of honestly communicating problems as well as breakthroughs. The sooner we communicate a problem, the easier it is for us to Marshall the Company’s resources to solve it.

Five –

Collaborate across the Company: our power comes from the talented people who make up our Company. By co-operating and sharing our knowledge with each other seamlessly across organizations, we can make our Company even stronger.